Fly-menus for Drill-downs and Follow-ups

Fly-menus for Drill-downs and Follow-ups

Fly-menus for drill-downs

In this second demonstration of our series on Rethinking Questionnaires, we look at questionnaire structure and alternative approaches to question order. (The first demonstration looked at overlaying hot-cold scales ).

Traditional surveys and questionnaires mostly follow a straight line. That is they go from A to B in the order the researcher decides, possibly with some side routes along the way. Sometimes this is to minimise question-order effects in the data. But often it's because this is how surveys have always been done.

This means the survey follows the researcher's logic and covers what the researcher thinks is important, not what the respondent most wants to talk about or topics the respondent thinks are most important.

With fly-menus respondents choose what section to answer, in the order they want to answer, and only need answer what is important to them. This is ideal for surveys like 'what should we improve' or customer satisfaction where you want to drill-down to find deeper answers. As with hot-cold scales fly menus can be blended with websites to ask questions about content.

There are four examples that follow, starting with a win-loss questionnaire that might be used for monitoring bid performance.

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