Hot-cold Scales or Like/dislike Question Demonstration

Hot-cold Scales or Like/dislike Question Demonstration

Hot-cold Scales

Simply click to show if you like or don't like something, or if something applies or doesn't apply.

Designed to be extremely easy and intuitive to use, hot-cold scales, which we also call thumbs-up/thumbs-down scales, like/dislike scales or 'choice-marking', are a fast, fun method for capturing opinions across a large pool of items.

Buttons are normally set to resemble like-dislike icons and deliberately there is no forcing - respondents need only mark items that stand out favourably or unfavourably. Items can also be marked several times to reflect strength of opinion.

Technically this makes a hot-cold scale an unforced choice-based scale - here with seven-points - with a central focus.

The great benefit is to understand opinions of a large number of items quickly. Hotcold scales can be used for text items, to mark images for concepts, or can be applied directly onto websites as an overlay. There are four examples that follow.

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