Socialised and Self-Extending Questionnaires

Socialised and Self-Extending Questionnaires

Socialised and self-extending questions (and click-to-rank)

Welcome to the third in our series on Rethinking Questionnaires . This demonstration looks at open questionnaires where respondents add to questions and can respond to other participants' answers and comments.

Normally, when we create a questionnaire, with the exception of open-ends, the questionnaire becomes fixed. In contrast:

  • A self-extending questionnaire is one where respondent input is used to automatically extend and add content to the survey.
  • A socialised survey is where results and previous answers are shared as the survey goes on, potentially allowing participants to respond or learn from each other.

These surveys are still experimental, though they build on older ideas like delphi-groups. Note that a small scale demonstration like this, can only introduce the ideas, as they require a good sample sizes for creation and socialisation effects to happen.

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